Autumn 2017 Programme

We welcome you for 5 days of uninterrupted bliss! Raw food prep classes with Kate Magic, raw dining by Anna Middleton, morning yoga classes, talks from visiting guests, evening discussion groups, plus a day trip walking on the Brecon Beacons, will mean your days are as full as you want them to be. This is not a traditional detox retreat! This week is about having fun and indulging yourself while still eating clean and healthy, and doing so in the company of like-minded individuals who completely understand your preference for green juice over red wine, and Sun Salutations over cigarettes.

The Programme

Friday 22nd September 2017

07Guests may arrive any time from 2.0 pm. We will greet you with a superfood smoothie on arrival, and there are welcome samples from our sponsors in your room.  Dinner will be served at 6.00, and will be followed in the evening by an Intentional Equinox Ceremony, where we assist you in crafting the upcoming cycle of your life (the exact point of Autumn Equinox this year is 21.02 GMT on 22nd).


Saturday 23rd September 2017
14A buffet-style breakfast will be followed by yoga in the drawing room.  Our massage therapist will be Brigid, who is available for pre-booked sound healing sessions. Lunch will be served at 1pm followed by a talk (outside if the weather permits) then Kate will run a 3 hour food prep class in the afternoon. Dinner follows at 7pm and then in the evening we have a healing sound bath from Brigid Brightfire.


Sunday 24th September 2017
A buffet style breakfast will be followed by yoga in the drawing room. Joy will be available for pre-booked EFT and reiki sessions today. Kate will be serving lunch at 1pm and then Anna will run a 3-hr chocolate and cakes workshop in the afternoon. Dinner is at 7pm and then the option in the evening of either a sharing circle, or a movie. In the evening, Noelle will treat us to a taste of the dulcimer.

Monday 25th September 2017
We start the day with breakfast and yoga, as before. We will have a light lunch, and then take a trip out to the Brecon Beacons for a hike. Dinner is at 7pm and you can choose between the sharing circle, a movie, or just an early night.

Tuesday 26th September 2017 12087972_639032079532460_643592092871605821_o

After breakfast and yoga, it’s lunch, and Kate is teaching a 3-hr Fermentation Class. Then time to get ready for our closing party! Get dolled up for a sumptuous five-course dinner party, served at 7.00 pm, followed by dancing in the drawing room for those who don’t want it all to end.

Wednesday 27th September 2017
It’s over all too quickly. We ask you to vacate the premises by midday. We will serve you breakfast, and also provide you with a goody bag for your journey home.

Our aim with the retreat is to send you into winter with that raw magic glow of confidence, serenity, wisdom and graciousness, that only comes from really taking time out to be at one with yourself and nurture yourself with the healthiest foods on the planet.

The Evening Activities

We will bring a selection of movies that you may choose to watch in the TV room at any time – movies on the related theme of health eg The Sacred Science, Take Back Your Power, Cowspiracy, Forks Over Knives, Raw for 30 Days, Vegucated.

On Friday, we will host an opening party, with an Intentional Equinox Ceremony where we will meditate on what the previous six months has brought us and where the next cycle of our lives may lead us.

On Saturday, we will be treated to an amazing sound healing bath from Brigid Brightfire.

We will host a sharing circle on Sunday and Monday nights. We will give the group a theme to discuss, which will hopefully evolve into some lively and mind-expanding conversations.

Sunday’s theme is – Gratitude. What does gratitude mean to you? What do you have to be grateful for? Do you have a gratitude practice in your day? What differences do you notice when you operate from gratitude?

Monday’s theme is – Positive Futures. How do we imagine the world for the next generation? In what realistic ways could our society evolve to be more aware and conscious? What needs to happen within the next couple of decades to avert disaster? Do you have any great ideas or inventions that you know would be easy to implement that would make a big difference to people’s lives? How can we go about taking action now to make those futures a reality?

On Tuesday, it’s a 5-course Dinner Party from our star chef, Anna Middleton.

If you’ve been to any of Kate’s pop-up dinner parties, you know what to expect, as this will be along very similar lines. Gourmet cuisine of the highest standard, and generous portions at that. Cocktails, starters, entrees, desserts, and after-dinner elixirs, all beautifully presented, and guaranteed to leave you feeling high on life.




Everything is optional! If you prefer to just take off for a walk or stay reading in your room at any point, you are most welcome. It’s your holiday, and you are free to come and go as you please.

There is an outdoor hot tub for guests’ use. We will also have massage therapists available if you wish to book a treatment.

Booking info is here.

We reserve the right to alter the programme if necessary.