Sound Bath, Massage & Healing

We are working with the best of therapists at the Raw Magic Retreat.


20141126-Yeleni-D4-188 (2)Brigid Brightfire – Sound Therapist

Sound is a powerful tool to help re-calibrate the body, mind and spirit, bringing one back into a natural state of resonance and health. Brigid is coming on Saturday to give guests individual treatments, and share a soundbath with us all in the evening.

About Brigid:

Brigid trained as a sound therapist with the College of Sound Healing, and as gong practitioner with the gong masters Don Conreaux and Aiden McIntyre. She works with her voice, gongs, and other sound therapy instruments, supporting people through physical or emotional imbalance. She provides relaxation ‘gong baths’ for health spas, yoga retreats, carers groups, hospice patients, care homes, schools, and holds singing workshops for health and wellbeing.

One to One:

An individual 45 minute sound therapy session for your specific emotional and physical needs. The sound therapist will work with instruments such as tuning forks, singing bowls, chimes, harp, gongs and voice to relax, retune, re-balance and revive your body and mind. Sound therapy is particular effective when working with the symptoms of stress and trauma, such as insomnia, anxiety, panic, aches and pains, headaches, and fatigue. It can also be a deeply profound experience, facilitating a connection with your core inner being, and universal energies.


“I had a sound healing with Brigid Brightfire at the start of February 2015, as I suffer from a very painful life-long debilitating physical disability. I also suffer from panic and anxiety attacks. She is a wonderful woman, with a very professional calm temperament and immediately put me at ease. The sound healing is something really hard to describe, it touched me on so many levels. I was so calm and felt so wonderful, it felt like the sounds Brigid made “healed my very soul”. I would recommend anyone to have a gong bath and sound healing. I’m so grateful that I went, I shall be back!”

Megan, Herefordshire

Group Gong Bath (Saturday night, included in the retreat price):

During a group relaxation ‘sound bath’, you will lie on a mat with a pillow and blanket, and be immersed in sound waves. The sacred vibrations of the gong will wash over you, gently guiding you on a healing inner journey. Through its deep resonance, the gongs induce a state of relaxation and peace, with subtle frequencies taking the mind into dreamlike state. In this deep ‘theta’ state people are able to access their subconscious, leading to increased clarity and focus. On a physical level the sound waves gently vibrate every cell of the body, providing an internal massage. Tension, pain, emotional trauma and anxiety can be released during this process. Participants often leave feeling that they have had a long deep sleep, with their mind and body feeling rested and relaxed. Please note, if anyone is within the first 12 week of pregnancy, or has a heart pacemaker, Brigid would advise against sound treatments or the group gong bath.


Joy Harvey – Ear Candling / Reiki / Crystal Healing & EFT

About Joy: joy

Joy served 9 non-combatant years with HM Forces during which she realised that if vibrations could harm us, then those very same vibrations could also heal us.  In 1991, Joy was introduced to crystals and began her journey of understanding how we can all heal ourselves emotionally and spiritually to become that which we are supposed to be – diamonds that sparkle. She studied Crystal Therapy to practitioner level from Melody: Love is in the Earth – Laying-on-of-Stones.  In 2006 she qualified to practitioner level in Reiki and Thermo Auricular Therapy (Ear Candling) in Worcester, UKaA. Then in 2013 she studied EFT with Karl Dawson of EFTMRA.

Ear Candling – Thermo Auricular Therapy: 

This is an effective, non-invasive means of treating a variety of ear, nose and upper respiratory tract conditions as well as delivering a deep sense of relaxation. The ‘candles’ are hollow tubes of linen impregnated with honey and herbs such as camomile, st John’s wort or sage. The candles act as chimneys to draw away vapour from the ear. Each ear is treated separately and the candles are inserted only to 2mm max and held in place by the therapist throughout the treatment.
Benefits of Ear Candling include easing ear or sinus problems, soothing stress related issues and easing the removal of a build up of earwax.


Reiki is a technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also enables the body to begin to self heal.  It is a simple, non invasive, fully clothed process whereby you will lie on a couch, covered with a blanket. Joy will place her hands on or slightly above your body in a series of positions that align with the body’s own energy centres (chakras).  You may feel heat or cold – this is your body pulling in the energy it requires. Most people fall into a deeply relaxed state that is neither sleep nor awake and at the end of the session say they have feelings of peace, security and wellbeing.

Crystal Therapy:

Crystals are formed under great pressure in the depths of the earth. Each one carries within it a vibrational resonance that is recognised by our bodies – also being of vibrational origin.
Through placing crystals around and upon the body, this resonance can unlock tension, release blocked energy and enable us to feel physically, emotionally and spiritually rebalanced.
Crystal Therapy is a non-invasive, fully clothed treatment where you will lie on a couch and crystals will be placed in a sequence on and around you depending on your need.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique):

Our negative emotions are caused by a disruption in the body’s energy system. EFT tapping uses the body’s energy meridians to re calibrate our emotional balance. EFT is safe, gentle and non-invasive.  During a guided session we will explore underlying beliefs that may be holding you back.



noelle-burvilleNoelle Burville – Thai Massage Therapist

About Noelle:

Noelle has lived in the West country of England for most of her life and has over 30 years experience teaching yoga, holding a British Wheel of Yoga Diploma. She has travelled extensively in India and Asia and studied Therapeutic Thai Yoga massage in Thailand, training at the Sunshine School of Thai Yoga massage in Chiang Mai.

Noelle will be offering Therapeutic Thai Yoga Massage and Thai Reflexology during the retreat

This ancient form of body work originates in Thailand and helps to regain health and balance in both the physical and subtle bodies. Sharing a close relationship with yoga from India, there is a continuity in the flow of the stretching and opening movements similar to that of the yoga postures and their therapeutic effects.

Wearing loose clothing, the recipient lies comfortably on a large mat on the floor and relaxes while Noelle uses her body weight and balance to skillfully stretch, open and manoeuvre the body, massaging to ease strain from muscles, ligaments and tendons, thereby releasing deep routed stiffness and tension, while eliminating toxins from the body. Acupressure is also applied to points on the body to realign and enhance the flow of energy.

Noelle will also be treating us to a taste of the dulcimer on Sunday evening … here’s a clip of her in action


All the therapy sessions are available as extra and are payable separately from the retreat fee (apart from the group sound healing which is included).
Treatment costs and booking details will be sent out to guests before the retreat.
Please contact to pre-book treatments.