Raw Dining

Our delicious raw vegan menu for the week prepared by raw chef Kate Magic

We serve a glass of kombucha, a green drink, and a hot chocolate drink daily. We will have fruit, herbal teas and spring water always available. There will also be a small Raw Living shop selling chocolates, snacks and superfoods for if you get extra peckish.


On Arrival: Superfood Smoothie

Dinner: Beetburgers with Buffalo Cauliflower

Chocolate Torte



Breakfast: Cinnamon Toast & Rawtella

Lunch: Kale Caesar Salad

Dinner: Zucchini Marinara

Strawberry Nice Cream



Breakfast: Autumn Chia

Lunch: Broccoli Wraps

Dinner: Nori Pizza & Slaw

Banoffee Pie



Breakfast: Rawnola & Almond Milk

Lunch: Avo Toast

Dinner: Cocktails, Sushi & Ramen

Blue Lemonade Pie



Breakfast: Green smoothie