Raw Dining

Our delicious raw vegan menu for the week prepared by raw chefs Anna Middleton and Kate Magic

We have created a sublime menu exploding with exciting flavours to tantalize your taste buds and nourish the whole of your being. There will be a variety of magical dishes to experience all packed with medicinal foods and oodles of love to leave you feeling radiant.

Anna Middleton will be Queen of the kitchen, preparing our raw dining menu for most of the week, with Kate Magic guesting on Sunday. All meals are raw vegan (although we do use bee products). If you have any other specific requirements, please let us know in advance so we can do our best to cater for you. Please note that these are provisional menus, depending on availability of ingredients etc.

Friday Dinner: Love Burgers with Goji Relish & Seasonal Salad. Berry Mousse for dessert15 - Copy

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Saturday Breakfast: Berry chia
Saturday Lunch: Magic Noodles in a Hemp Pesto
Saturday Dinner: Perfect Pizza with a Seasonal Salad  / Chocolate Torte for dessert


Sunday Breakfast: Rawtella on Cinnamon Toast
Sunday Lunch: Carbonara
Sunday Dinner: Tacos & Slaw. Zillionaire Shortbread for dessert.


Monday Breakfast: Green Juice
Monday Lunch: Falafel & Hemp Tabbouleh
Monday Dinner: Superfood Curry & Cauliflower Rice. Ice Cream for dessert

31 - Copy



Tuesday Breakfast: Smoothie
Tuesday Lunch: Pad Thai
Tuesday Dinner: Kombucha Cocktails, Canapes, Beetroot Ravioli, Quantum Cake, After Dinner Elixirs







Wednesday Breakfast: Granola with almond milk
Gift bag to take on the road with you.



We will have herbal teas and spring water always available, and provide snacks such as fruit, activated seeds, and crudites. There will also be a small Raw Living shop selling chocolates, snacks and superfoods for if you get extra peckish.