Raw Food Prep Classes

Raw food recipes with globally-renowned expert Kate Magic

5Kate’s classes will cover raw in a way you’ve never seen done before – giving you the skills to truly become a raw gourmet masterchef. Plus, we’ve got an in-depth look at fermentation, demystifying this fascinating topic.

These will be hands-on classes and you will have a chance to have a go yourself. They will be equally suitable for beginners or professionals – the only requirement is that you are passionate about having fun in the kitchen making healthy food. There are two 3 hr sessions in the week, and you will get recipe sheets to take home with you. Gillian from Brighton said, “The best food prep class I’ve ever been to! And I’ve been to a lot….you make it so simple and accessible.”

Sat 23rd September – Easy Gourmet Raw

Kate is going to demo a series of dishes including pesto, an exotic tomato sauce, and a luscious alfredo sauce. And then that’s where the fun begins! We are going to assemble a whole bunch of different ingredients, and have you create individual dishes. By the end of the afternoon, you will have an idea of how very versatile these raw base recipes can be. You won’t be leaving with just a couple of recipes, you will be inspired by everyone in the group and see just how raw cuisine unleashes everyone’s creativity.

choc slab

Sun 24th September – Raw Chocolate Masterclass
In this Rawsome chocolate class, Anna will share some of her favourite chocolate recipes and flavour combinations.  She’ll explain the benefits of using different sweeteners, hand out samples of more unusual ingredients and show you how to achieve a variety of textures.  She be covering brazil fudge, bounty bars, bliss balls, dipping chocolates & making soft centres.   Everyone will get a go to dip, roll & taste! Anna has been making and selling chocolates and cakes in Bristol and beyond for a decade, and her creations are legendary – healthy doesn’t get any more decadent than this.



Tues 26th September – Fermentation


In this three hour class, Kate will be going into detail on fermentation and easy ways to get started. Including fermented foods and drinks in our diets on a daily basis is one of the most effective ways to boost natural immunity. Our guts are quite literally a second brain, and when we provide them with the abundance of natural bacteria they need to remain balanced and healthy , this brings a dramatic increase of energy and vitality into our lives. Kate will show you how to make fermented drinks – Kefir and Kombucha. We will also make some traditional Sauerkraut, and the Korean fermented vegetable blend, Kimchi. Lastly, we will also enjoy some Seed Cheese. You will get to sample all the recipes, and discuss the different variations that you can make at home. All recipes are vegan, gluten-free and raw. All attendees receive a comprehensive handout to take home, with all the recipes and detailed instructions.

“I feel Kate takes it to another level when she creates raw recipes, honestly. After all my training, learning with Kate is my highlight, she makes raw food prep practical, cost-effective, nutritious, delicious and fun. We have learnt so much from her!” Katy, Jersey

“Having worked with Kate on a number of occasions, I can wholeheartedly recommend her wonderful teaching – entertaining and enlightening, highly informative and for some, pretty mind blowing, Kate’s knowledge is truly remarkable.” Lucy Hill, London