Yoga & Meditation

With Noelle


Noelle has lived in the West country of England for most of her life and has over 30 years experience teaching yoga, holding a British Wheel of Yoga Diploma. She has travelled extensively in India and Asia and studied Therapeutic Thai Yoga massage in Thailand, training at the Sunshine School of Thai Yoga massage in Chiang Mai. Noelle’s yoga is both gentle and insightful, intuitive, and suitable for all.

Noelle says, “The Autumn Equinox symbolises to us the perfect balance between light and dark in the time of Libra. It heralds a period of drawing in our energies, of hibernation after the long days of summer. Celebrating the harvest of our labours and setting our visions toward the quiet of the winter months to come. In our reflections we honour the passing of what has gone before, and set our intentions to our further inner journeys. As the nights lengthen, so our meditations deepen in the heart. Libra asks us to open the heart centre, the silence after sound, to bridge the empathy and unconditional love to ourselves and our beautiful planet, our earth. In our yoga and meditations, we will quietly embrace this special time, individually and as a collective, as we journey into the beauty of balance.”