Online Summer Retreat

July 2nd-6th, 2020

Thurs 2nd – Mon 6th July, 2020
Investment: £99 for 14 hours of classes and a mini ebook.
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All times are in BST (GMT +1)

An inspiring virtual detox retreat with daily yoga and meditation, inspiring talks on self-care techniques,  and healing circles. Including a 5-day suggested simple cleansing programme for you to follow at home.

All classes will be audio recorded if you are unable to attend live.

All attendees receive a pdf document with recipes & other supporting material.

In this retreat, you will:

  • Be supported through a five-day gentle cleansing programme
  • Learn tools and practices to deeper your connection to your inner wisdom & intuition
  • Create an opportunity to let go of old patterns and release what no longer serves you
  • Connect with others on the programme through a Whatsapp group
  • Come through the programme with increased energy, motivation, and positivity

Why Now?

2020 is the year we call on all our tools, to remain strong, healthy, focussed and empowered! Society is going through a breakdown, no two ways about it. So many challenges and struggles arising for the collective, how do we keep our sanity and continue to be helpful for our loved ones and our communities?

When we engage in cellular detoxification work, we are doing some of the most important work it’s possible to be doing right now. As we cleanse the cells, we come closer to our true nature. It becomes easier to see through the mirrors of distortion held up before us, and connect to a deeper truth which brings us peace and reassurance. We then have the strength and the courage to share this perspective with others, with the intention that we can spread understandings around effective solutions for our current predicament.

If you are feeling called to deepen your self-practice, in terms of diet, yoga, meditation, mindfulness, and detox techniques, then this 5-day event will give you immeasurable resources to really anchor yourself in a wonderful place on that journey. You will springboard out of the retreat with renewed vitality to be the version of yourself you most want to show up as! Wherever you are in your self-development, we all need these reboots once in a while.

All are welcome. Register now, although it’s an online event, we will still be limiting places to ensure everyone gets the most from the group.

In respect of the global economic situation, we have set a low price point to make this accessible to as many as possible. We would like to offer one bursary place; if you are unable to make any financial contribution at this time, please contact with a little information about your circumstances.

Does An Online Retreat Really Work?

We wondered that too, at first! Since early March, Kate has held four online events, and they have all been very well received. Participants find that it’s easier to relax and get into the information in their own home. They find it’s easier to cement good habits because they have all their own things around them, like yoga mats and kitchen equipment. They also find it’s easy to tailor the classes around their own schedule, like childcare and work commitments. The group bonds online through the calls and the Whatsapp groups. No packing involved, no travel, no hassles with accommodation! It’s actually a winning situation.

All times are BST. Sessions are 1 hr. Please allow 5-10 mins each side to give time for people to assemble and leave without detracting from the actual session. Here’s a handy time zone converter to check the local times to you.

Thurs 2nd July:

4.0 pm Welcome circle with Kate

Fri 3rd July:

10.0 am Dynamic Yoga with Kate

12.0 am Workshop with Emma Jones Phillips

3.0 pm Gratitude Circle with Kate

5.0 pm Gentle yoga and meditation with Kate

Sat 4th July:

10.0 am Dynamic Yoga with Kate

12.0 am Workshop with Anna Middleton

3.0 pm Affirmation Creation Circle with Kate

5.0 pm Gentle yoga and meditation with Kate

Sun 5th July:

10.0 am Dynamic Yoga with Kate

12.0 am Workshop with Asa Simonsson

3.0 pm Intention Setting Circle with Kate

5.0 pm Gentle yoga and meditation with Kate

Mon 6th July:

10.0 am Closing circle with Kate

What will be provided for the retreat?

When you book, we will send you an intake form to learn more about what you are hoping to get out of the retreat, and an email with the PDF guidelines. We recommend you start on a cleansing diet immediately to make the most of the retreat. Each day you will receive the Zoom links to join the classes. We will create a Whatsapp group for those who want to stay connected outside of Zoom. The classes will be audio recorded, and the audios made available by the end of the day, so if you miss any classes you can catch up later.

What do I need for the retreat?

  • 4 hrs a day to attend the group calls
  • Yoga mat, blocks or cushions, blankets
  • A juicer OR a blender and a milk bag OR a juice delivery service
  • A willingness to shift old patterns, and let go of what no longer serves you
  • A desire to join a supportive group of like-minded individuals, committed to personal growth

How do I access the recordings?

You will be sent a zoom link that will give you access to all the class ‘rooms’ for the duration of the retreat.

By clicking the link prior to the class you will be directed to download the Zoom program which we will interface with.

What if I don’t want to juice, or don’t have access to a juicer?

The cleansing programme is optional, it’s your choice how much of the dietary recommendations you wish to follow. Please tailor the programme to suit your own needs. If you don’t have a juicer, you can make juice with a blender and a milk bag, we will send you the instructions of how to do that in the ebook.

About Kate Magic

Kate has been a raw vegan for nearly 30 years, and is the published author of six raw lifestyle books. Her company is the premier resource for raw foods and superfoods in Europe. She raised her three sons on a fully raw vegan diet, all of whom have remained vegan as independent adults. She has taught raw foods in over 25 countries around the world.

Kate completed her 200hr Yoga Teacher Training with Stewart Gilchrist in 2019. She is a graduate of the Functional Nutrition Lab with Andrea Nakayama. 

Guest Speakers

Emma Jones Phillips Cellular Detoxification with Photon Rich Foods, Elixirs, and Naturopathic Techniques
Anna Middleton Detox Your Mind: Behaviour Change Exercises
Asa Simonsson
Gut Health & Immunity Protocol


Please note, as the classes are recorded, there are no cancellations or refunds. Any questions, please email