Weekend Itinerary

We can check you in anytime from 2pm, to just chill out and explore the area. Dinner is served at 6pm, followed by a Welcome Circle and Intention setting at 7pm, and a Crafting Circle with Lea from 8pm.

A buffet style breakfast will be followed by yoga. At 12.0, there will be a talk from Suzanne on energy healing, then lunch at 1.0. From 2.30, Kate will run a 4 hour food prep class in the afternoon. Dinner is at 7.0, with a Cacao Ceremony and Sound bath to send you off blissfully into Saturday night.

A buffet style breakfast will be followed by yoga . We have an introduction to Geomancy from Leon at 12.0, and then lunch at 1.0. Sunday’s workshop is an Empowered Woman circle with Kate. Dinner follows at 7.0, with a deeper dive into Geomancy in the evening with Leon.

We start the day with breakfast and yoga, as before. We have a talk from Pablo on Cacao before lunch, and after lunch, it’s a Magical Living workshop with Kate. Bring your best outfit for our closing four-course dinner party, served at 7.00 pm, followed by the Get Your Joy On belly dance workshop with Lea into the evening.

It’s over all too soon! Breakfast buffet. Closing Circle at 10am. Please vacate your rooms by midday. We will send you off with a goody bag. You are welcome to stay on longer, if you want to extend the retreat with some quiet time to yourself, please contact Luke and Lea to book.

Everything is optional! If you prefer to just take off for a walk or stay reading in your room at any point, you are most welcome. It’s your holiday, and you are free to come and go as you please.

There is an infra-red sauna for guests’ use, one session included per person. We will also have a massage therapist and a healer available if you wish to book a treatment.

Please note, this is the same programme as our first retreat at Adleuon Seron in 2019. You are very welcome to join us for a second or even third time, just know that the meals and activities will be more or less the same. We reserve the right to alter the programme if necessary.

“Thank you so much for last week; I don’t think it’s an overstatement to say that it’s changed my life. I’ve been meandering towards raw vegan superfoods for a while, but the retreat totally blasted it onto the next level. I couldn’t believe I could feel this good”

Avo Toast on Activated Charcoal Bread with Turmeric Butter

Avo Toast on Activated Charcoal Bread with Turmeric Butter

Day Passes

We have day passes available for those who can’t commit to a whole weekend. We can also arrange local accommodation (long walk or short drive), if you want to stay overnight, please enquire.

It’s a 12hr day, from 10am-10pm. The day starts with yoga and meditation, and includes lunch, dinner, drinks, and all the workshops for that day. The price is £111 a day.

Here are the options:

Easy Gourmet Raw Day Pass, Saturday April 18th. Includes Cacao Ceremony and Sound bath in the evening.

Empowered Woman Day Pass, Sunday April 19th. Includes Geomancy workshop in the evening.

Magical Living Day Pass, Monday April 20th. Includes Dinner Party and Get Your Joy On workshop in the evening.

We are flexible, if you can only come for part of the day, please enquire about a price.

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  • Liddell Bramwell says:

    I just received your email and it is quite timely, I need a rest/break/ change as I have been unwell with ME/CFS and then 3 weeks ago my beautiful boy Rhys died suddenly and we still do not know why. My question is do you offer discounts to someone on a low income as I would really like to come for 2 days and a night if possible.
    Kind regards,

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