Raw Food Prep Classes

Hands-on classes with Kate Magic

Kate is teaching new recipes that you haven’t seen before. The classes will focus on the more light-hearted aspects of raw cuisine, and will explore some of the more complicated techniques such as cupcake-making and sushi-rolling.

These will be hands-on classes and you will have a chance to have a go yourself. They will be equally suitable for beginners or professionals – the only requirement is that you are passionate about having fun in the kitchen making healthy food. There are two 3 hr sessions in the week, and you will get recipe sheets to take home with you.

Tues 18th MarchRaw Food prep classes with Kate Magic

Kate is going to demo a series of dishes including pesto, an exotic tomato sauce, and a luscious alfredo sauce. And then that’s where the fun begins! We are going to assemble a whole bunch of different ingredients, and have you create individual dishes. By the end of the afternoon, you will have an idea of how very versatile these raw base recipes can be. You won’t be leaving with just a couple of recipes, you will be inspired by everyone in the group and see just how raw cuisine unleashes everyone’s creativity. Kate has never done a class like this before, and is looking forward to getting everyone involved with some hands-on recipe action.

Weds 19th March

Has to be the cakes and chocolates day. We are going to do some of Kate’s tastiest recipes including Rum Truffles, Reishi Candies, and Cupcakes. Again there’s a chance for everyone to get involved with the preparation, and we will have lots of fun trying out different culinary techniques. As well as plenty of opportunities to lick your fingers, the bowls, and the spoons, of course…

Learn to make raw candies with Kate Magic, Raw Magic Retreat