The Team

The Raw Magic Retreats are facilitated by Kate Magic and Luke & Lea Williams. They each bring their own special gifts and energy to the retreat.

006Kate Magic is a raw food chef, author, speaker, yoga teacher and DJ. She has been eating a raw vegan diet for nearly three decades. She is the best-selling author of several raw lifestyle books, creative director of Raw Living Ltd. and home-educated her three sons. She has taught raw classes and workshops in nearly 30 different countries around the world, and is much loved for her unique blend of spiritual wisdom and down to earth practicality. She is currently studying as a functional nutritionist. She will be making all the food, teaching a daily yoga and meditation practice, and offering three workshops: Easy Gourmet Raw, Empowered Woman, and Magical Living, as well as facilitating a Cacao Ceremony on the Saturday night.

Lea Williams is our hostess. She will host a crafting circle on Friday night, a sound bath on Saturday night, and Get Your Joy On dance workshop on Monday night.

Leon Turfitt

Pablo Spaull

Pablo Spaull is one of the UK’s leading bean to bar chocolate makers. He has been producing award winning artisan chocolate bars since 2013 which have gained Forever Cacao, his company, a loyal following and much media attention. He also co-founded Cacao Club – A cacao infused, heart centered sound and dance experience.